Healthy New Year Eating With Hemp

“Hemp oil is changing lives one drop at a time…”


A New Year has arrived, and many New Year resolutions often place a huge emphasis on overall health and wellbeing, weight loss, fitness and happiness. With this in mind, it is beneficial to learn about the most up to date healthy eating research and Hemp is now one of the newly known ingredients that can play a large role in creating a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

New up to date research shows that when you consume food that has been cooked with Hemp oil you can reap even greater benefits than ever before. Combining Hemp oil with other foods is being linked to helping contribute to your body being able to absorb more of the positive effects than when used in other types of consumption methods.

For example, in a more recent study, some participants took Hemp at the start of the day, a few hours before eating their first meal of the day. The other participants in the study ate within a half hour of consuming their breakfast. Blood samples showed that food consumption along with Hemp had an incredible effect on the overall absorption, which leads to greater benefits.

The benefits of Hemp oil are remarkable. This special oil is a natural medicinal alternative that can ease symptoms caused by common health issues, and has a calming and healing effect on many areas, such as when used for:

  • A calming type of treatment for the overall nervous system.
  • Decreasing anxiety, physiological effects caused by anxiety such as heart palpatations and as a type of stress relief.
  • Anti-Seizure treatments to help individuals who suffer with epilepsy.
  • Pain relief caused by joint pain, chronic pain, health issues and other causes.
  • Cancer patients, before during or after treatment.
  • Individuals who suffer from poor sleep and insomnia.
  • Reducing inflammation and so much more!

The Plant Guy uses high-quality Hemp in foods as a method for boosting your health and wellness, and to ensure you reap the benefits and absorb all of its healing powers more than ever before. They offer delicious food and drink options, all flavorful and especially designed to maximize nutrient intake, as well as produce a calming effect on both your digestive tract and nervous system.

They believe that combining the great benefits of high-quality Hemp and plant-based vegan foods can heal any health issues and contribute to a greater sense of wellbeing, health and happiness. Come and try it out for yourself today!