Are Hemp Oil and Hemp Extract the Same?

“For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure.” – Rudolf Steiner

The secrets out! People are hearing the words Hemp and Hemp oil everywhere nowadays. Many are truly unsure of what both of these ingredients really consist of and what their differences are. They may see the names popping up all over, as an option to add into their drinks or foods, at a local café, pop-up shop or even at a farmer’s market.

People who have tried these products usually end up becoming raving fans. They often share the benefits they have experienced firsthand. But the truth is, some are afraid to even try it, without even learning about what it is made from.

Now, it is important to consider that each product or brand of Hemp has its own story and ingredients, but The Plant Guy’s Hemp, which is added into every food and drink option on their menu, has 7 high-quality all-natural ingredients.

Before we get into the different types and what makes each one unique, let’s explore the difference between the two, Hemp Oil and Hemp Extract…

Hemp itself is then extracted from a hemp plant, without THC and the properties that would get one “high.” So, you cannot and will not get “high” from taking Hemp.

Hemp and Hemp Oil are usually synonymous. So, they can be confusing sometimes. It is taken from part of the plant, which contains higher levels of cannabidiol. It is a supplement made by extracting the cannabis plant, which is where the anti-inflammatory agents come into play.

Hemp oil can be taken as part of a regular diet. The ingredients can be best absorbed when combined in food or taken shortly after eating. The Plant Guy uses high-quality Hemp in foods as a method for boosting your health and wellness, and to ensure you reap the benefits and absorb all of its healing powers more than ever before.

The Plant Guy provides delicious and nutritious food and drink options. They believe that combining the great benefits of high-quality Hemp and plant-based vegan foods, can lead to