A Beginners Guide to Hemp: Which Hemp Oil Should I Try?

“Using Hemp oil for yourself care practice can be a powerful way to create change and care for yourself.”

Hemp is here and now! Lately, there has been an influx of hemp in what seems to be anything and everything. That is from lotion and other skin care products, to foods, juices, shots, and much more! You may have heard someone mention hemp, Hemp oil or hemp-infused foods, but have wondered which to try and how to start.

People often ask what the difference between the various types of Hemp oils is, how can it be taken, and which are the best to incorporate as part of a healthy daily routine. If you are not sure where to begin your hemp journey, it all starts with understanding what Hemp oil actually is and then determining how and which you would like to try.

First, it’s important to note that Hemp is non-psychoactive. This means that you can experience the therapeutic health benefits, without any of the “feelings” that THC may bring. Hemp infused products are available in different forms to accommodate various needs. For example, it can be taken as liquids, through Hemp oil droppers that are infused and can be consumed by mouth. This is a way to absorb the benefits quickly.

Oils and tinctures are ways of taking this ancient healing plant substance orally. It is used by those who do not wish or enjoy taking capsules. Tinctures are a liquid solution and one of the categories of Hemp oil. It provides benefits of Hemp oils and combines other helpful elements too. Edibles is another way to take Hemp, and is known to be the most preferred way, as research shows that hemp-infusions can be best absorbed when taken with food.

When choosing a type of Hemp oil, Like all brands, there are types of oils from different regions across the world. There are organic options for hemp extract and oils too. Depending on where it is grown and what it includes, the prices can vary. You can find “full-spectrum” Hemp oils or isolate. The full-spectrum option can contain greater compounds from the hemp plant itself.

Both Hemp oils can be taken as part of a regular diet. The ingredients can be best absorbed when combined in food or taken shortly after eating. The Plant Guy uses high-quality Hemp in foods as a method for boosting your health and wellness, and to ensure you reap the benefits and absorb all of its healing powers more than ever before.

The Plant Guy provides delicious and nutritious food and drink options. They believe that combining the great benefits of high-quality Hemp and plant-based vegan foods, can lead to healthier and happier lives.